Assistance in all issues related with entre-preneurship, as external counsel, in litiga-tion or notaries public or as sparring part-ners in Board activities: SchochMaierPart-ner master the entire service portfolio of a real business law firm.

Our practice focuses on legal assistance in any business law areas and various national and international contract and commercial matters, including company law issues and any aspects of M&A activities. Accordingly, our practice also focuses on activities as external legal counsel for small and mid size enterprises in an export oriented business. Of course, the representation of our clients in local and federal court cases or before local authorities are also part of our services.


As public notaries, we are also qualified to carry our notarizations in any matters related with the commercial register, including incorporations, amendments of company articles, capital increases etc. Certainly an advantage not available in many other areas of Switzerland.

Finally, we are also prepared to accept strategic responsibility for our clients. Serving as external Board Members and sparring partners to business insiders provides an independent view of corporate practices and may therefore increase company values and improve corporate compliance.

Company law

Incorporations, relocations, amendments of company articles, capital increases, corporate housekeeping or shareholders' agreements

Mergers & Acquisitions

Legal due diligence exercises, transaction planning and assistance, share purchase agreements, asset transfers, mergers and demergers

National and international Contract law

Review and drafting of various agreements such as framework agreements, acquisition, transfer, distribution or service agreements

Private construction and real property law

Consulting and representation for the acquisition of real property and condominium, rental agreements, contracts for works and services, for architectural services or relating to condominum or aspects of neighbourhood


Public Construction and planning law

Approval proceedings for construction permits, Zoning and special planning procedures, procedures relating to environment and to dispossession

Public Procurement

Assistance relating to the drafting of public procurements, appeals and supplier challenges, assistance in negotiating supply agreements


Banking and finance law

Representation of banking institutions and financial intermediaries, review of banking transactions, review of bond activities

Insolvency and Restructuring

Pledge, execution and bankruptcy proceedings, legal assistance in restructuring cases, adjournment of bankruptcies or relating to composition agreements


Litigation and arbitration

Representation in ordinary courts and in arbitration proceedings, activities as arbitrators (ICC listed)

Law of IP Rights

Drafting and review of development agreements including IP provisions on foreground IP, license agreements

Inheritance and Estate Planning

Assistance and notarization of marriage contracts, last wills and testaments, probate proceedings and distribution of inheritance to heirs

Public Notarizations

Notarization competence with respect to marriage covenants, last wills and testaments and with respect to applications to the commercial register (but not including real estate notarizations)